Every business and entrepreneur faces the positives and negatives of having their own business. I’m sure it is rarely disclosed that we learn the best lessons through the tough times and business growth and development is no different. Sometimes within our business, we may face disagreements but what many don’t realise is to have higher affluence the company has to invest greatly in its people.

We will always face challenges with different people and a variety of personalities wherever we go. However, it is how we engage and manage situations that will determine the outcome of it.

The key to building a successful business is in building excellent relationships as a whole. Strong relationships with employees and clientele will strengthen your company in two specific ways:


It is no secret that many entrepreneurs want a high level of performance for their company to succeed. Based on research many entrepreneurs have expressed you can’t be a successful business person without having built an excellent relationship by using amazing communication skills. If you don’t hold a real, personal connection with employees and clientele they will not feel invested within the company. Sentimental value and importance is a great way to lead. Build quality connections to appreciate the highest quality of work.



Placing yourself apart from everything within your company/ work environment will not make the company flourish. To gain that level of dedication and revenue you have to connect with every individual. Every effort of investment is worth it. A career is part of an individual’s identity so it is dependent on the leader to be the enricher of this.

So how do we achieve this?


Though having a business and being an entrepreneur is an achievement that starts with an idea. It is said that you don’t build a business, you build the people and the people build the company to what it could become.

It starts with you, the leader.

Don’t be afraid to be nice to people and build a good relationship with them. Put the intentional effort in to build this relationship with your employees and clientele- Whether it is other CEO’s or even the cleaner. It’s all the same principal.


One of the most important things you have to do to develop yourself and your company is going out there and networking. This goes far beyond your work team, it is essentially any place where there are people and a place where you can socialise.

Additionally, always ask questions regardless of whether you think it is important or not- every question is significant.


Another way to gain that relationship with customers and clientele is creating a strong personal social media influence. This will give a platform to interact with your clientele as well as your employees beyond just your product or service.

Within a large company, it is tough to know everyone who works for you but does not give up on building that integrity. However, if you are a start-up or have a small team then you should build relationships with everyone which exceeds just the team. Help everyone feel comfortable and at ease- This produces more motivation and dedication from everyone.


Eventually, we utilise the golden rule which is to treat everyone as you want to be treated. Fairly and equally and that is the driving force of being successful in every connection you hold. It is not easy to build such relationships with people however once done, you will appreciate the smooth operation of everything. It will strengthen your company internally and externally; as a result- you will achieve the success you aspire to have.