The importance of learning another language was never as widely recognised, as it is nowadays. The fact that the world is increasingly becoming inter-connected, thanks to ever growing corporations, international work culture and easy access to study abroad schemes, the earth seems to be a smaller place to live in, isn’t it? This has triggered the need for people to learn new languages and adapt to a specific way of living, in order to blend in seamlessly with the local population.

In this blog, we will analyse different situations where if someone immigrates to another country and is unable to speak or understand the local language. Although, some situations are common to almost everyone, however we have listed the main ones.

Looking for a job

Finding work in a country, whose local language you are not aware of, can be really difficult. The only alternatives you might be left with, would be to work with people of your community, for lower paid jobs sans much talking.

This one reason why even highly educated immigrants are forced to settle for less, way lesser than what they deserve. Without learning the tongue used in the country, you cannot work as a sales representative, retail executive, any job which requires customer/ client interaction.

This is why, learning a new language as quick as possible in a new country is imperative.

Getting Things Done

Once you immigrate to a new country, you will witness that everything is very different. Travelling in a bus, buying groceries, making a visit to the hairdresser or even ordering something from a restaurant. All of these probably might sound too easy for your liking; however, if you are struggling to speak or even understand what the people say, how are you going to manoeuvre your way through these tasks?

We understand that before learning a language, other priorities have to be met before embarking on satisfying new ones. But learning a new language should not be left ignored.

We hope we were able to make you relate with the important of learning a new language. If you have newly immigrated to the United Kingdom, we would like to introduce to our range of English courses.