One of the best ways to connect with people and build amazing relationships is through having conversations. Although many people are able to hold conversations, some of us still need a little bit of help. Whether that is to boost our confidence, improve our linguistic ability or simply just the environment.

Why is it important but considered difficult? It’s important because developing a connection that we need as humans we have to interact with one another… And why is it so difficult? Because the growth of technology has made it so that we communicate through messages as opposed to face to face or vocal interaction. Conversation skills can be learned and developed through time and can be easy to do even if we thought it to be daunting. Follow some simple rules to try and implement it within your social circle.

  1. Speak slowly and concisely

A conversation is a two-way street, a monologue is not a conversation. Usually, good talkers do not engage in a quick conversation and they have a good balance between speaking and listening.  You have to speak openly and communicate with confidence using clear pronunciations. Improve your language skills, understand grammar and learn body language.

  1. Hold eye contact

Many individuals have a hard time to keep eye- contact because they may feel uncomfortable to do so. According to studies, 2/3 of the time or less we hold eye contact when we talk to other people. When you hold eye contact it exudes confidence and shows an interest whilst interacting with individuals.

  1. Respond genuinely and notice the details

Those who have amazing conversational skills acknowledge the kind of things that not many would naturally notice. They recognise the finer details of a person because they genuinely pay attention and they bring such details within the discussion. Contribute to the exchange so there is a give-take communication.

  1. Avoid distractions

When speaking to someone in the age of the digital era it may be hard to be off the phones or social media continuously. However, this is a very important rule when interacting with people because it allows for you to develop the ability to give undivided attention. This enables for you connect and understand them so that you can be present within that moment.

Last but not least, remember there is a time and place for everything. Every conversation you have should be done in an appropriate way at the best comfortable place. Allowing yourself as well as the individual on the receiving end to feel comfortable will guarantee the effectiveness of what you are speaking about. Similarly, don’t be afraid to be yourself or overthink about others opinions of you. You have to be bold, assured and positive- do not hide your thoughts because of the fear of being judged. Language learning, understanding expressions and tones of voice will only help you communicate better.