Here we have the most traditional British dessert, Eton Mess. It is renowned as one of the world’s most delicious dessert that many around the globe have tried. From crunchy meringue, rich cream and sweet summer berries, it all just combines together to make something we all love!

The first introduction of this famous dessert was in Eton College, England, which was first officially identified during 1893. It is believed that the formation of this dessert was when a meringue, cream and berry dessert was made but unfortunately dropped during an annual cricket match. However, rather than it being thrown out they scooped the mess from the floor and served it so it doesn’t go to waste.


Sticky toffee pudding is one of those desserts which consists of cosy nights with families and comfort in a bowl. It is a moist, dark sponge, containing dates that is covered in toffee sauce. It is best served hot and with ice-cream.

It’s believed that the origination was from Lake District during the 1970’s and may have been adopted and adapted from a Canadian recipe. This is usually a winter dessert but can be made with a twist in the summer. This is available wherever you go in the UK.


This sponge cake is an English tea time classic treat! It is a soft sponge cake which is filled with a layer of jam and whipped cream. It’s believed that it was first created during the 1800’s by the Duchess of Bedford.

It may not be the most extravagant of desserts or for a special occasion, however, it certainly is a staple in most British homes. The popularity of this cake is immense so that you can find it anywhere whether in a restaurant or a super market and the basic ingredients makes it even easier to bake at home.


This dessert is loved by millions and is famous all around the world! The name says it all, it’s created with banana, toffee and condensed milk- which is a British essential. It is such a simple dessert which uses very simple ingredients and that is what makes this dessert the best one to whip up quickly whatever the occasion.


Bread and butter pudding is a culinary British necessity. This dish comes from not only the United Kingdom but it has many different variations from countries like India, Argentina, Columbia and US!

The history of this dish can be as far back as the early 11th and 12th century as a way where poor people used to use up their stale bread so they don’t waste it. It is soaked in milk, eggs and butter. Although it was created as a ‘poor’ man’s dish in that century, it has now been amped up and is even served in fancy restaurants all over the world.

Now that you have the most common British desserts be sure to give them a try whenever you are able to get your hands on them. It’s a taste-bud must!