During your studies in the UK, why not use this opportunity to enjoy some memorable experiences? In this blog, we will share some must-see attractions that will enrich your stay in Britain.

Tower of London

England’s oldest tower was built by William the Conqueror in 1066. You have probably seen tons of pictures of the Beefeaters in their iconic red and black uniform on guarding duties. Why not check them out for yourself and get your customary selfie!


The most famous set of stones in the UK. This natural construction has been stood strong for over 5000 years in the Wiltshire Countryside. Till this day no one knows how and why this circle of stones came to by. Could you be the one to work out its origins? Get down there.

London Eye

Opened on the eve of the millennium, this world-famous Ferris wheel has become one of London’s top draws. A ride on this will last about 30 minutes with the wheel almost moving in slow motion. This structure’s height and location mean you will have plenty of opportunities to admire and photograph the breathtaking views.

Harry Potter Studio Tour

Gutted that there are no new Harry Potter films? Why not visit where the classic films were made. In addition to the various filming that can be found across the country, you can visit Leavesden studios where the bulk of filming took place. Relive your memories of watching the movies by experiencing the magic in real life.

Dreamland Theme Park

This nostalgic theme park will feel like you’ve traveled back in time. Reopened to the public in 2015, come and enjoy the old-fashioned rides such as the Mirror Maze, Roller Room, and many more. Go and experience the rides your parents were telling you about.

Notting Hill Carnival

Since 1966, Notting Hill Carnival has been an ongoing annual party honoring Caribbean culture. It is officially the biggest street event in Europe, taking place in West London on the Bank Holiday weekend in August. Get down there and experience the vibrant atmosphere, meet new people, dance, and try some new cuisine!